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Electric-Motors- Generators

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  • Stator & Rotor Rewinding.
  • Armature Rewinding.
  • Field Pole Rewinding.
  • Customer related services.
  • Re-insulation of old coils by retaining the old copper

Redesigning to customer needs

  • Output augmentation - subject to design verification.
  • Voltage conversion.
  • Frequency conversion.
  • Pole changing.
  • Customized design to comply with VFD drives.
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Mechanical Repair

  • Shaft rework, fabrication & replacement.
  • End shield bearing housing rework/repair.
  • Stator & rotor core repair/re-staggering/re-insulation/replacement.
  • Customer related services.

Supply of original/genuine spares

  • LT & HT coils.
  • AVR's, OREX units, Diodes, Diode carriers, Varister/Surge suppressor.
  • Precision Bearings, shafts, rotors, commutators, fans, oil seals, labyrinths, brushes, brush holders, Studs, OBC, IBC, End shields etc.
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