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Cryogenic (CO2-Dry Ice)

Cryogenic (CO2-Dry Ice) Cleaning for Electrical Rotating Machines Cryogenic Cleaning Method

Cryogenic Cleaning

  • Cryogenic cleaning is a process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide are propelled at a high velocity to impact and clean a surface.
  • Raditional cleaning methods like bead blasting and sand blasting clean through a chiselling action, much like using an ice pick often damaging the substrate.
  • Cryogenic cleaning on the other hand might be compared to a spatula as it lifts the contaminant away.

Illustration of the cleaning:

  • The dry ice penetrates below the pollutant and instantly expands because of conversion from the solid to the gaseous state.
  • This sublimation creates a wave of compression tension between the contaminant and the substrate.
  • The carbon dioxide evaporates relocating the pollutant, which typically falls to the ground.

Solvent Cleaning

  • Affects the insulation.
  • Not environmentally friendly.
  • Post dry out required.

Steam Cleaning

  • Abrasive in nature.
  • Moisture Ingress.
  • Post Dry out in an oven mandatory.

How it works ….

  • Step # 1 - Energy Transfer : Dry ice is propelled outside the blasting at high speeds to impact the surface. The force of this impact is the primary means of cleaning.
  • Step # 2 - Micro Thermal Shock : The cold temperature of the dry ice hitting the contaminant creates a micro thermal shock at -79 degrees centigrade thereby breaking the bond between the surface contaminant and the substrate.
  • Step # 3 - Gas Pressure : Sublimation of the dry ice on impact forces off the contaminant from behind because of expansion form the solid to gaseous state.

The advantages:

  • Post dry out not required.
  • Not abrasive in nature does not damage the substrate.
  • Ideal for in position cleaning – reduced down time.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • rovides a cleaner Clean.
  • Insulation values improve immediately on cleaning.
  • Non-flammable and nonconductive.

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