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Machine Tool Spindle Repair

Servo Motor Repair/Machine tool Spindle Repair

  • Rewinding to original specification.
  • Bearing Replacement.
  • Draw bar & clamping unit replacement.
  • Overhauling & servicing.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating parts.
  • In situ servicing.
  • Vibration analysis & Condition monitoring.
  • Shaft replacement.
  • Spindle cone grinding..
  • Mechanical repair & rebuild.
  • Testing of spindle parameters - run out, temperature, vibration, tool seating, draw bar actuation etc.
  • Complete testing with drives.
  • Foam packing & forwarding.
Machine Tool Spindle Repair services
Machine Tool Spindle Repair services in Tumkur
Machine Tool Spindle Repair services in India
Infrastructure :
  • Spindle cone re-grinding.
  • Induction bearing heaters.
  • Hydraulic unit (Power pack).
  • Chiller unit.
  • Special tools for assembly & disassembly of spindle motor/spindle.
  • Test mandrels.
  • Oscilloscope.
  • Vibration & balancing analyser.
  • Gauges to check all types of spindles cone like SK40, BT40, SK30, HSK63 etc.
  • Special tools to check draw bar retaining force.
  • Back emf testing of all types of synchronous motors.
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Services
Servo Motor Repair Services in India
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