Rajamane & Hegde Services Pvt.Ltd
Alternator Repair
Gamut of activities - Adhering to eco-friendly process: Rewinding:
Complies with Indian and International Standards.
AC Motors:
From standards to customized. Rewinding of all genre of AC induction motors from FHP to 5000HP, voltage upto 13.8KV. Drop in winding to formed coils both for stator and rotor.
Redesigning to customer needs:
  • Output augmentation - subject to design verification.
  • Voltage conversion.
  • Frequency conversion.
  • Pole changing.
  • Customized design to comply with VFD drives.
  • Efficiency augmentation.
Transformer Repair
Alternator Repair:
From standards to customized. Rewinding of all genre of alternators upto 1000MVA, 13.8KV.
DC Motor Repair:

Rewinding of armature, field, compensating, interpole to original specifications - upto 5000HP.
  • Stator & Rotor rewinding.
  • Customer related services.
  • Output augmentation - subject to design realization.
  • Re-insulation of old coils, retaining old copper.
  • Voltage conversion.
  • Efficiency augmentation.
DC Motor Repair
Transformer Repair:
Rewinding and refurbishing of transformers upto 25MVA, LT/HT.
Repair & Retrofits:
We offer full repair & retrofit services in both electrical & mechanical realms.
Mechanical Repair Includes:
  • Shaft rework, fabrication & replacement.
  • End shield bearing housing rework/repair.
  • Stator & rotor core repair/re-stackering/re-insulation/replacement.
  • Commutator repair/replacement.
  • Commutator repair/replacement.
Alternator Repair services
Ovehauling of rotating machines:
We offer overhauling services for all genre of rotating machines at our works and in-situ. Mobile service facilities to ensure quick turnaround.
Supply of spares of reputed OEM's:
  • Supply of HT coils.
  • AVR's, OREX units, Diodes, Diode carrier, Varister/Surge suppressor.
  • Supply of bearings, fans, oil seals, labyrinths, brushes, brush holders, HV brushes, Studs, OBC, IBC, End shields etc.
  • Stokiest for Siemens motor spares.
Alternator & Motor General Fault Finding Chart

In its 40th year since inception company saw growth by size & scale. The significant growth has attracted reputed OEM's and MNC's elite clients for service offerings in the domain.