Rajamane & Hegde Services Pvt.Ltd
Contract Manufacturing Services - Range : LT & HT Motors, Generators up to 25MW
AC Motor / DC Motor / Alternator / Slipring motor / Servo motor as per drawings & specifications of the client OEM.
LT / HT Pre-formed Coils - Range : up to 13.8KV.
  • Stator Coils
  • Diamond Coils
  • Rotor Coils/Rotor Bars
  • Field Coils.
  • Strip on Edge Wound Coils
  • Inter Pole Coils.
  • Specialty Coils.
Motor Contract Manufacturing
Motor Contract Manufacturing in Tumkur
Motor Contract Manufacturing in India
Motor Contract
Alternator & Motor General Fault Finding Chart

In its 40th year since inception company saw growth by size & scale. The significant growth has attracted reputed OEM's and MNC's elite clients for service offerings in the domain.